NHSO Launches Season Two of Popular Podcast Series, “Listen Up!”

Monday • February 25, 2019

The New Haven Symphony Orchestra (NHSO) announced today that it will continue its popular podcast series, Listen Up!, with a second season beginning Thursday, February 28. Promoted with the tagline “Showing you how to get more out of the music you love,” each episode takes a deeper look at a single element of music across multiple musical genres and unpacks it for listeners so they might better enjoy and understand their favorite music.

Season two will include episodes on timbre, mysticism, syncopation, and heavy metal. The season will break format with season one by introducing three guest interviews: Chris Brubeck, a Grammy-Award winning composer, performer, and son of jazz legend Dave Brubeck, in Episode 4: “Meter;” Stephan Brackett of the rock/hip-hop band Flobots in Episode 7: “Resistance;” and improv/jazz artist and educator Dr. Kyle Saulnier in Episode 6: “Improvisation.”

Sacred Heart University (SHU) partnered with the Symphony to produce the second season. SHU studio manager Keith Zdrojowyk says, “The School of Communication, Media and The Arts at Sacred Heart University is always looking to collaborate with outside organizations in order to give our students real world experience while providing a service to the community. To be able to team up with an organization that has the history of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra has been a great opportunity, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future and giving students new opportunities to work on fun and creative projects.”

The Season premiere, “Scales,” will be available beginning Thursday, February 28, with all new episodes being released each Thursday for eight weeks. Listen Up! can be streamed for free through iTunes, SoundCloud, or at NewHavenSymphony.org/Podcast.

Caitlin Daly, host of Listen Up!, is the NHSO’s Education Director. Her eclectic background as a composer, teacher, musicologist, and world-traveler heavily influenced the character and content of the podcast. Prior to leading the education initiatives of the NHSO, she worked as a Teaching Fellow at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT, held various adjunct professor roles at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hawaii Tokai International College, and served in a variety of K-12 public school positions. She earned a Master’s in Musicology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a Master’s in Education from the University of New Haven, and a Bachelor’s of Music Theory/Composition with a Minor in Sociology from Central Connecticut State University.