We Stand With Our Asian Community

Thursday • March 18, 2021

Today we pause to share our outrage and grief over the violence this week in Atlanta. The shootings of Asian women on Tuesday are yet another example of growing intolerance and violence against the AAPI community.

The New Haven Symphony Orchestra works to fight hate, racism, and bigotry in all forms through our words, music, and actions. Our orchestra members, audience, students, and community, deserve safety, access to opportunity, and respect.

We call on our allies to stand with us against systemic racism and gender-based violence toward the AAPI community.  #StopAsianHate

Speak up. Stand up.
Use music. Use your voice.

For resources, visit StopAAPIHate.orgAdvancingJustice-AAJC.org, and HateIsAVirus.org.

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