White background with green lily pads in the bottom corners and the sound garden insignia in the middle of the screen.

Within the garden, you’ll find soundscapes and an interactive world. Tapping toadstools and brass mazes await…

The Sound Garden is the newest creation from Harmony Fellow Jasmine Bailey’s mind! Teachers of preschool – 2nd grade students will find three interactive games that help students explore three different concepts:

  1. Tapping Toadstools: Links note value visuals with their rhythms.
  2. Brass Maze: Learn about how brass players buzz their mouthpieces HERE, then explore this game that chases condensation through a brass maze.
  3. Raindrops: Students control the flow of rain falling on giant lily pads, while making connections between large objects/low pitches and small objects/high pitches.

Games can be played on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, and can be used as fun games in their own right or as supplementary materials to explore classroom concepts.

Enter the Game Teacher Guide

Images from the Game:

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