Listen Up! A Podcast Series that shows you how to get more out of the music you love

Music is all around us – we know you hear it, but are you really listening? From Lady Gaga to Bach to Axl Rose to Wu-Tang Clan you might be surprised at what is lying under the surface of your favorite songs.

Join NHSO Education Director Caitlin Daly-Gonzales for episodes that explore specific listening skills, musical topics, and genres from around the world and throughout history.

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Listen Up! Season Three

Sponsored by Frontier

New Episodes Every Thursday!

Listen Up! Season One

Season One was produced in collaboration with the University of New Haven.

Listen Up! Season Two

Season two was produced in collaboration with Sacred Heart University.

Listen Up! Quiz Center

Perfect for classrooms or learners of all ages, this Listen Up! Quiz Center offers supplemental google form quizzes to test your knowledge from Season One.

Quiz Center
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