Listen Up! A Podcast Series that shows you how to get more out of the music you love

Music is all around us – we know you hear it, but are you really listening? From Lady Gaga to Bach to Axl Rose to Wu-Tang Clan you might be surprised at what is lying under the surface of your favorite songs.

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Season Two

  • Introducing Listen Up! Season Two

    This season, we not only show you how to get more out of the music you love, but help you discover more music to love based on the music you already know.

  • Scales

    Cognitive neuroscientists have argued that the most common scales used around the world are actually so similar to human speech patterns that our ears are drawn to them naturally and can recognize different scale patterns as easily as we recognize words. Scales connect everything from Michael Jackson to Gregorian Chant… and link music from India to Indonesia to Indiana.

  • Spirituality

    Transcendence is sometimes defined as “collapsing the boundaries between the spiritual world and the human world through some sort of experience.” Listen to music that is used by people of different cultures and faiths around the world to connect with their spiritual practices, from Pink Floyd to Tromba to John Coltrane to the “mystic chord.”

  • Timbre

    Just like visual art, music is often described as having certain colors, but unlike visual arts, we don’t have an agreed upon vocabulary to describe them. In music we call those colors timbre [TAM-BER]. Timbre is one of the more elusive and intangible elements of music to describe, but we are feeling fearless, so join us for an episode that includes opera, tuvan throat-singing, bluegrass, classical, Kanye West, Cher and T-Pain.

  • What makes Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance” so “un”-square? In this episode we dive into music that uses uneven meter. The effect can be unsettling, groovy, enlightening… or all of the above! Plus we are joined by Chris Brubeck, part of the legendary Brubeck family, and expert on funky meter in music.

Listen Up! Season One

Season One was produced in collaboration with the University of New Haven.